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Cermet Bayonet Furnace Heating Elements 

Bayonet heating elements from Furnace Concepts are custom designed and manufactured for each application. This allows for optimum performance with high power capabilities well within the limit of the respective material. Furnace Concepts offers the classic nickel chrome heating element for applications which are lower power and temperature and the Cermet alloy material for applications requiring higher temperature and power. A wide variety of ceramics enables virtually any diameter heating element with many electrical configurations. This allows us to design the best heating element for each situation.  High Temperature Furnaces

Metallic Furnace Heating Elements 

Furnace Heating Element Custom CAD furnace heating element design capability produces optimum heating element characteristics and temperature uniformity. Each furnace heating element design justified as a practical electrical design to enhance life and performance of your heating element. Quality control insures each furnace heating element is manufactured to their exact specifications prior to shipment. 

Replacement Diffusion Furnace Heating Elements 

We can custom build your furnace heating element to any diameter, any length, and electrical configuration. From a low temperature furnace heating element model that reaches 1000 degree Celsius to a high temperature furnace heating element model that reaches up to 1600 degree Celsius. Heavy gauge elements for production furnaces are also available in high performance element alloys for long life. Furnace Concepts - Replacement Diffusion Furnace Heating Element

Vacuum Formed Furnace Heating Element


High Temperature Furnaces Our Vacuum formed furnace heating element allows for specialty shapes and configurations to temperatures of 1200 degrees Celsius. This composite style furnace heating element provides a complete insulation package with extremely uniform heating capabilities.

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